When Genevieve from Heartland Chamber Music, visited Children's TLC and my classroom this summer, I didn't know what to expect.  Children with autism have difficulty attending, interacting socially, or even sitting in circle or story time.  But classical music has a unique ability to evoke emotion and to form a connection between the music and the audience. When the story was told through the violin accompanied with Genevieves voice, the children were captivated and attentive for the entire performance.We look forward to future performances by Heartland Chamber Music.

... TLC therapist 


                Hall Pass Partners                                                                             The Children's Place                                                                                El Centro                                                                                                Educare                                                                                                  Guadalupe Center                                                                                  Mosaic                                                                                                   TLC                                                                            


What are you passionate about?  For the students and faculty at Heartland                    Chamber Music, our passion is chamber music!

We share our passion for chamber music, by taking it OUT of the concert                             halls and into the community.   Our selected student performers design                                  and organize the Hall Pass concerts that focus on pre-k children in                                     under-served areas.  The young audiences hear and learn about string                         instruments and chamber music, and our student musicians gain valuable                       leadership skills and a unique performance experience working with the                             young audiences!

Connecting and engaging with the community is a vital part of Heartland’s                         mission, and both performers and audiences benefit from these unique                       performance opportunities. 

Heartland Chamber Music is an award-winning student chamber music Academy in the heart of Kansas City. Each summer over 100 string and piano students, ages 8-26 from all over the world gather for the Heartland Chamber Music Festival in Overland Park, Kansas at Johnson County Community College. Students receive instruction from internationally renowned music faculty and present free summer concerts in Yardley Hall. Our music school provides year-round chamber music education, and private lessons in both Suzuki and the traditional method, taking place at the Barstow School. Our young artists also have the opportunity to audition for The Camerata Chamber Orchestra for additional Outreach performance opportunities.

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